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Hi April. Yes I got a e-mail saying there is a reply to this post. I am in the United States. Where are you located? No, they are still not sure what the problem is, but I can tell you one thing, those orthotics they gave me are not easy to get used to. So you saw the neurologist? Don't worry about the MRI. If your not priority, I would say they are not too worried. Did they say anything about peripheal neuropathy? Is it just in your hands and feet? Just in case, I would take a multi-vitamin and vitamin B12 in the methylcobalium form 1000mcg. That is the form you let dissolve under your tongue. If your unable to find it in that form, the next best bet is regular B12. Some would say a b complex as well, but be careful with that because too much B6 can cause the problems you describe and a b complex has that in it as well. It depends on the person I think how much is too much and how much is in the diet. If your having any cramping in your feet, eat bananas or drink orange juice with potassium in it. Some orange juices have potassium in it and some don't, you'll have to read the label with ingredients etc to find out. I hope your products have that kind of label if your not in the U.S. I do pray and hope for you. Mine isn't too bad at the moment. I hurt some, but not as bad as it was when I posted to this thread originally. It comes and goes like that. I hurt some for months and then suddenly the hurt gets much worse and sticks around like that for a while. It is unpredictable. I also think if you have a pinched nerve in your back that it can cause problems in your extremities like that. How long do you think before you can get the MRI and are they going to do one of your back? I gotta go now, the kids are making it difficult to type this and my husband just got home. Take Care. CLC

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