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Hello Everyone:

I am new here.... I want to tell you a little of my story and see what you all think.....

Well in May 2001, I started developing fatigue joint pain in my wrist, swelling in my hands along with shotting pains in my hands.... I began on Thyorid medciation because my thyroid was showing hypothyroid, things got worst from this point on. I became Hyperthorid (medication stopped) and I stayed that way for a year..... I was diagnoised with HPB and place on 12.5 Atenolol doing ok, blood pressure doing good... but still had pain swelling burning pain in my hands.. I have been to all kinds of doctors and specialist.... not a clue.... I currently began a work up a Johns hopkins.... Rheumotolgist Doctor who ruled out Lupus and all ohter Rheumo disease...I recently ended up in the hopsital with sinus tachycardia, weakness, dizziness, tremors, palpatations, fatigue, burnign in my face, headaches, direaha, and of course the pain in my hands, wrist elbows, buring and shotting and swelling.. All they did was change heart medication around to Atenolol 50mg 25mg 2 x a day....I am having no relief....I also am having a full endocrine work up with not hope.. My doctor wants to release me next week to an Internist.... I just started taking xanax because I am also not sleeping....I have been out of work since August and I am scared and in pain......I just found this information on neuropathy and I am wondering if this is what I have. What kind of doctor do I go to?.... How do I find out if this is the cause?.... Can anyone help...... Thanks PAM

PS sorry about spelling.....

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