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Hi, I've been reading off and on for a couple days now ,there are so many people with problems similar to mine.
I've dealt with this about 4 yrs. now. I had an MRI on my neck and my left shoulder and have been to countless choiros. and Drs.
This started at work, I had a dull pain in my upper back, just about where that big bump is, and under my shoulder blade. I heard it all spasms, just tight muscles, not enough water, blah blah blah. Nothing anyone did or any meds. I've taken would help.
Last year it started to bother my shoulder and my PT noticed a poping sound when I'd move my arm. So I saw an Ortho. he said I had an imingement in my shoulder.
They told me the other pain was referred pain from my this.
In July I had surgery on that, they also found a huge bone spur and a torn labrum.
Now 2 months later my shoulder is healing slowly, but the pain in my back is worse than ever! It didn't seem to bother me too much until I started to useing my left arm more.
A while back my Chiro. thought maybe I could have a pinched nerve. The MRI I had on my neck only found some slight bulging and degeneration(sp). They said it was a litle more than a person my age should have(Iam 34) but nothing too serious.
But I'm starting to wonder, I thought I would have noticed something by now if it were all a shoulder issue. Could I have overworked my shoulder because of my back pain? Any ideas?
P.S I do also have tingling down the outside and pain on the innerside of my arm, and my fingers tingle, mostly the pinky and ring finger. And it makes it worse when I sit, ride in a car, ect.
I'll take any advise I can get.I'm so tired of this!!!!!

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