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Re: Neuropathy
Sep 10, 2003
Mine started with tingling & a numb feeling in the ring & pinky finger of my hands. I also experienced dizzy spells where I felt like the floor was tilting. Then my feet started going numb. When it got to the point it felt like I had no toes I went to the doctor.

After the MRI, X-rays, and every neurological test known to man, they told me I had peripheral neuropathy - and a sleeping disorder. Nice double whammo there.

After the tests & diagnosis I also started experiencing a burning sensation (like I'm too close to a fire) in my left calf.
Re: Neuropathy
Sep 11, 2003
Hi there, No i havent yet been to the doctor, had an appointment on but thought there was no point in going since he probably wouldnt know. I have made an appointment for next week though. I have to see a neurologist but that isnt until june next year!! i live in scotland so you just have to wait your turn, although june next year is a joke, got the appointment to go in july!!! when i go to the doctor next week im going to ask him about this but as soon as you tell them you've been reading up on stuff on the net they think you are nuts!!! I have the exact same symptoms as CapsFan. especially the floor tilting!! its so glad to find someone that has that since not many people i spoke to have that. i also get a numb ring and pinky finger on awakening but not botherson during the day,although yesterday i had a slight tingling in them.Luckily my symptoms arent too bad... YET. Im kinda scared. I dont understand why i have normal and healthy, had all blood work done and a brain mri, all of which were only 24 and hate being like this and fed up getting told its all in my head. Just wanted to ask CAPSFAN, does this neuropathy totally destroy your life? or is it bearable for you? does this mean when im hitting 30 im gonna be disabled? so bloody scared here. and TOODY, do you have neuropathy? and thank you for asking over me. hope to hear from you soon and that all is well.

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