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I am 21 yrs old and otherwise perfectly healthy. I began experiencing a tingling or "pins and needles" in my right hand, which in a matter of days, started in my left. At times it was in my feet, but was always worse in my hands. Then, I started to have a "buzzing" or "vibrating" feeling in my hands and even forearms, and now in my legs. This happens usually after I move, such as blowdrying my hair, or clapping my hands. Sometimes, there is a slight vibration feeling when I am still. If I shake my hands for 5 seconds or so, my hand up to my forearm will vibrate for about 30 seconds. THe pins and needles feelings in my hands has subsided significantly, however it is still there occassionally. But now, there is a cold prickly feeling that happens randomly through my body. Sometimes there will be 2 or 3 cold pricks on my thigh, upper arm, chest, or even tongue!! This just started about a week ago, and is gradually becoming more frequent, especially in my upper legs and arms. I went to a neurologist, he said I probably have peripheral neuropathy, and to wait a few weeks. If Im not better, then I should come back. I dont know what to do. The pins feeling in my hands is somewhat better, but this new symptom is worse. I am in no pain, and have just slight muscle weakness. Has anyone out there had a PN with symptoms that changed like mine have? Has anyone had symptoms primarily in their legs/arms/hands/feet, but then occasional symptoms throughout the rest of the body? Is it common to have PN without pain? Does the pain come as the disease progresses? Should I go to Dr. sooner if I get worse (he has not ordered any blood work)?

If anyone out there has any info at all, please respond. This is driving me crazy. Thankyou.


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