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Its approximately 2 years now since I've been experiencing a bit of discomfort in the lower part of my right leg, between the knee and the ankle. this discomfort increased after heavy physical activity, such as sports (which I did a lot of in my younger days,(volleyball, soccer and basketball) or should I say, I am forced to stop playing now. I am 32 old). More recently(2 months ago) after standing for approximately 6 hours at a concert, my right leg was devastated the following day. I started experiencing an an increase in sensations in my lower leg to the point where walking was uncomfortable, not outright painful.

This is what I felt:

sensations in the lower part of the right leg.
the "pins and needles" sensations at times in that section of the leg, with extensions to the bottom of my foot(sole) and toes.
some "perception" of numbness in the lower leg.
pain in that area under the heel.
Swelling at the end of working day

All concentrated in the lower part of the right leg.

Although these symptoms were not all present 2 years ago,I noticed the discomfort early and had been seeing doctors during that time. After a variety of test including scans, X-rays, blood test and anything else, all were negative. The only test not done was an MRI.

My last doctor who is a pain specialist, diagnosed the symptoms as nerve related. He concluded that my years of heavy physical sporting activity on hard surfaces did considerable damage to tissues in my right leg, which has affected the nerves in that part of my leg.

He first put me on "Neurontin" for two weeks, but that seem not to solve the problem, so he performed an LSB (lumbar sympathetic Block)to adress the sensations and numbness.

Has it worked?.....well,not sure. since then I took a 6 week vacation and did a lot of walking (over 250 miles,) but with sneakers. I discovered that despite the reduction in sensations in my leg, what I wear affects how my leg feel. Since I cannot wear sneakers to work (they seem to make me feel the most comfortable), I have to find the right shoe. I realize the shoe I wear will reduce the discomfort a bit, but the more pressing issue is my condition. The sensations are still persistent, the "pins and needles" come and goes and the swelling occurs just the same,

Can anyone give advice, what is really happening to my right leg?, Should I have the MRI done, will it help, will vitamins help? such as E or B, should I try neurontin again? is there some other thing I could do. can the lower right leg ever get bact to being like the left?

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