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If you have weird unidentified neuropathies/neurological symptoms, please read this:

I may have an insight that you never thought of...

I have had crazy neurological symptoms for years... buzzing in my arm and leg, facial numbness, bubbling feelings, shakiness and trembling-type feelings in one side of my body. I would often get severe pain in my lower left leg and foot.

For years they have bugged me and made my life unliveable, coming and going.

I recently came across a thing called an "acephalgic migraine", meaning a migraine without head pain (a-ceph-algia as the three roots). My doctor finally agreed with the possibility of this diagnosis. This means that people suffer the neurological symptoms of a migraine, BUT THEY DON'T GET THE HEADACHE PART. It seems bizarre, but some people get all the other horrible parts, but they don't actually feel the head pain, but otherwise feel miserable.

If you are stuck with weird symptoms like this, and neurologists are telling you that your symptoms are unfounded after tons of tests, look up acephalgic migraines. Try migraine medication next time you get these symptoms. They actually helped me out... it turns out that all these years I have been getting really bizarre migraines...!!

Also, to add to this, your doctor may seem to disagree with this possiblity of "atypical migraines" (you'll most likely get a "what, did you read that on the internet or something? Never heard of it..."---[most neurologists will never have heard of acephalgic migraines, so insist that they look it up].

Here is something you should do regardless of what neurological symptoms you have... get plenty of Vitamin B complex, and by that I mean take 200 mg of each B Vitamin component per day, at least. [It is very hard to overdo it at these levels because Vitamin B is water soluble and any unabsorbed excess just gets excreted]. Drink LOTS of water, at least 2 litres over the course of a day, and even more if you are a big person (water is essential in the manufacture of serotonin, and serotonin fluctuations are considered by most neurologists to be a major factor in the onset and control of migraines and neurological problems). Also get a decent amount of sunlight each day, which is also an essential factor for serotonin production. Finally, take lots of vitamin C, and get a sublingual B12 vitamin if you can... it is absorbed under the tongue and is absorbed more rapidly and efficiently than regular B12. And GET PLENTY OF SLEEP, as much as you can despite your neurological symptoms.

Please consider the migraine situation very seriously if you have not been diagnosed yet for your neurological symptoms. At least look into it... it sounds very implausible, but you may be surprised. Ask to test a sample of migraine medication next time you get an onset of these symptoms.

Good luck to everyone, and I hope your symptoms don't plague you too much.

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