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I did have an EMG (the nerve conduction tests with the little electric jolts) and it did show "some acute denervation in the left foot muscles". But what worries me is that, since I had that test about 5 wks ago, I've had drastic changes - it's gone from just one ankle (the left foot) and a little, tiny bit in my right ankle, to total
numbness, tingling all the way over both knees, and odd cold/hot sensations in my back, neck, face, scalp. Also pains in tops, backs of legs and other spots that vary.
I may go for more tests next month to see what's going on. But your theory about a toxin or virus makes so much more sense than some of the stuff I've been told (like it's my high cholesterol "suddenly" after 20 yrs causing all this in a matter of weeks).
I'm calming down a little more, thanks to your good thoughts, so thank you! And again, I admire the amount of research you must have done on this condition. You seem to have a pretty comprehensive sense of what's going on.

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