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I am new to this forum.Actually I am desperately looking for answers to my daughter's problem.She is a young girl who had sudden hearing loss about four years back.The ENT diagnosed it as a viral infection which was affecting her hearing nerve. She was put on high dose of steriod and antiviral drug.She recovered in about ten days.But as soon as her hearing started to get back she started to feel uncomfortable to touch in her hands and feet.We were told this too would pass away .But this deteriorated and she felt burning sensation in her hands,feet and calves of legs with accompanying pain which is increasing in intesity.We have been to numerous neurologits who range right from those who think my daughter is faking this up to one's who sent her for pstchiatry specialist as he thought she was a pscyhic.She was also put on a treatment of prothiedin and pregalin.This continued for two years.She did feel relieved to some extent.
But now again after a gap of about a year and a half all the sensations of burning,pinpricks,uncomfortable touch and pain have come back with vengeance.I got in touch with neurologists but have not met anyone who would take the problem seriously and do something to help.My daughter is so full of life and wants to achieve so much ... this problem is hurting her as well as me as I can't see her in this condition.I am ready to do anything that may help her.Please anyone help.

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