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Also posted in MS boards.

Hi all -- I recently went to my first neurologis appt. I told him of my symptoms (listed below) and suggested that because my MRI (brain only) was clean, could it be possible that I have neuropathy. He confidently said NO. That if I had neuropathy, all of my extremeties would be effected at the same time. I said that was not happening to me. He said that I need to have a Spinal Cord MRI to firmly rule out MS. He will also be checking to see if anything is pushing on my spinal cord. If it's clean, he will do an electrical nerve test. He said I have all the standard signs and symptoms of MS, but that my chances are good that I don't have it because my Brain MRI was clean. So here is my question -- what else could it be?
Symptoms (on & off since about May)

Eye pain (and dry eyes) - stabbing pain in left eye
Daily headaches
Tingling/numbing in different parts of legs and arms, face and hands (mostly left side)
Head pressure (feels like sunglasses pressed against my head above right ear), twice felt like water dripping down my head
Scalp tenderness
Morning stiffness
Leg cramps
Shooting pains (random head,breasts, lower legs)
Slight ringing of the ears (some loss in right ear)
General fatigue and tiredness
Memory issues

My primary said ANA test was negative and Sjogrens have been ruled out. Thyroid is normal and so is glucose level. I'm going to request a B12 test, what else should I do -- ideas please!
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Lots of luck to each of you.

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