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12-8-2008 is the first time i noticed my left hand go entirely numb. two years later the ring and pinky finger is numb and the numbness travels to my left elbow on 30% of bottom of arm. 5-16-2010 after muscle pain & face pain my right hand went numb. I thought i had a stroke. even my primary thougt i did. I have the same problem with right hand as left though have weekenss in whole hand making somedays difficult to open door knob or take pills out of container. I went through a month of hand therapy after nero doctor tested and said carpul tunnel and and basiclly the same for my elbow. a sort of restriction in the nerves. I also have muscle loss looking at my left hand the fatty area between the thumb and index finger is sunk in and shallow. I am a diabetic though had the hand weekness as far back as 1993 before i became a type "one" adult onset diabetic. I am at a loss and it has become difficult to shave and wash in the shower. I cant feel the bar of soap when holding it. when i hold hands with someone linking fingers it freaks me out cause I can only feel two fingers of the other person with my index and middle finger and have to look constanly at my hand. I am not sure what to do. the nero said with my age of 47 that he did not recommend surgery and i am not that thrilled about myself, but i am getting weaker.

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