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I have many symptons and hope someone takes the time to read this long post and responds. The first thing I noticed was one summer I would be driving to work and if I would start to cough and my vision would almost go away. It seems like everything was different shades of gray and blurred together. I couldn't tell the cars from the road. Luckily it would only last 5 or 10 seconds. A few years later,the fall of 2005 I started experiencing very sharp pains in my right side and also noticed that my bowel movements were getting much thicker and further apart. At first I would sit down for a few minutes and it would go away. On Sept 17 I could not stand for more than a few minutes without getting that awful stabbing pain in my side. Between Sept and Dec it had spread to the other side and became more prominent in the left side. When laying in bed on my side after a few minutes it felt like I was laying on a kindergarten pencil causing alot of pain in the rib area. If I layed on my back I would get a sharp pain in my chest right below the breast??? I am a male though by the way. It is painful to have anything even slightly tight around my waist. I was also experiencing cramping pains and burning pains in my sides and abdomen. Also burning pains in my hips. The pains would move around the side and front torso. Any activity would make it worse. By December I could barely walk due to the hip pain and rarely had a bowel movement. Laxatives would work 1 time and then was inefficitive. In Dec 2005 I was given Neurontin and it was the first medicine that seemed to have any effect. My bowel movements became more regular and the pains lessened in regularity and intensity and was able to walk better but still abnormal gait. By midsummer of 2006 I was taking 4800 mg of Neurontin a day and have been ever since. But still any activity makes it worse. Something as simple as vacumning the living room would cause very increased pain levels for hours or a simple trip to the doctor would worsen it. I can't stand or walk for very long at all. This continues to this day and my bowel movements seem to be getting farther apart and thicker again. Sorry. Yuck. Around 2008 I woke up one morning with terrible chest pains around my heart. Every step I would take it seemed to get worse. By the time I got to the hospital I couldn't even talk. They rushed me into the ER and my BP was over 200 and they gave me a nitrate pills I think they are called. Something like that it is used for heart attacks. It wasnt until the 4th pill that the pressure started coming down and the pain started to ease. I was hospitalized and on morphine for awhile. I was taking that stress test on the treadmill a few days later. They said there would be 3 stages with each 1 increasing in speed and tilt. Before the 1st stage was over they had someone behind me ready to catch me. Sometime during the 2 stage they said they were going to shut it down as soon as my heart rate hit 150. I never did make it to the 3rd stage due to extreme pain in my sides and burning pains in my hips and so tired I could hardly stand. I was given a clean bill of health concerning my heart with no signs of a heart attack or stroke. I also sometimes get sores on my ears and scalp and hands and dry rough small patches of skin on my back and little red dots on my chest. I have taken many many test and all seem to be "normal". A supposed super neurologist said it could be small fiber neuropathy but there havent been enough studies done on it and a skin biopsy to detect it has not been approved. I believe all these thing are related to each other. I also sweat a lot and very easily. I tried to put front brakes on my car and after about half an hour my mother in law found me laying in the driveway. She helped me up and walked me to the steps. I crawled up the stairs and walked down the hall to get to the bathroom. She said as soon as I got into the bathroom I started to go down and she grabbed me from behind and then she said I went into a seizure, got away from her and went down. It was probably 3 hrs before I could walk again. I had another passing out incident prob a year before this. All I remember is I was getting up out of my computer chair and the next thing I remember I was in a fetal position in the middle of the room. What happened next was the strangest thing I have ever experienced. At first it was like I didnt know who where or even what I was. It was like I was a baby and slowly things started coming back to me in a chronological order. Eventually I figured out where I was and that I was married a 2nd time and my wife was at work and I had 2 kids upstairs. It was like my life flashing by. It was so very weird it is hard to explain. I eventually figured out I had hit a computer when I went down. I had a knot on my forehead, a cut on my cheek, a fat lip and a cut on my chest and the computer was knocked over. Sometimes I get like a vertigo feeling and if I would lie down it was like I was in a constant freefall. I havent had that much since I quit taking Cymbalta. There have been occasions where I would be standing around with a small group of friends and I would like space out. I could hear and see everything going on around me but I couldn't move or talk or react to anything for maybe sometimes a few minutes. My short term memory is awful. I'll be talking to someone and just completely forget what we are talking about. One time I went into the gas station to pay for gas and came back out and just drove away. About half way home my low fuel light came on and I couldn't remember if I put gas in it or not. I went back and sure enough I had left without putting any gas in the car. Sometimes I get a pins and needles feeling on my skull. Has anyone heard of anything like this. It has been 5 years now without a diagnosis. Its like they have given up trying to find out what it is and are happy to just keep giving me pills. Probably unrelated I developed 4 bulging discs last summer (there was no activity to cause this) but only 1 was bad enough to effect a nerve and cause me extreme pain from my neck to my left hand. This was the 1st test taken that actually showed a problem. The report said congetive disc disease. About 2 weeks ago I quit taking the methadone for that pain and it hasn't come back yet so I guess it has improved on itself. I hope someone reads this long posts and responds. Clueless in Illinois

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