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Gee, my father-in-law did the same thing!

Nerves take a long time to heal...months...could take 8-9 months for the nerves to fully heal of they are not damaged beyond repair.

You may get a lot of electrical "zaps" when they start to reconnect and that may hurt a lot. But it's sign of healing so just tolerate it if it happens.

If by this time next year you are still numb, you'll probably stay numb. But hopefully you'll have tendon function and can move it. Nerves to the skin are different from nerves to the tendons and muscles that move the finger.

If you want to help it along, think about taking a Vitamin B supplement. Vitamin B(all of them..B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 etc.) are necessary for good nerve function.

Good luck and be careful with the splitter.


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