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Still a Mystery..
Aug 9, 2010
Unless there is something on my spine, a contrasted MRI showed my brain clear, so there is nothing there.

A bunch of test showed just a little low Immunoglobulin A count, but no doctor seemed to be worried about this.

Negative in all virus from Hepatitis to Herpes.

No sugar.

Still high cholesterol levels, but nobody established a relationship between this and my neuropathy.

Basic reflexes and strength neurological examination by the doctor showed everything normal.

And on top of it all a new NCV(without EMG) showed improvement in my previously tested, damaged nerves in a overall NORMAL labeled study So it seems that I'm getting better...(tell this to my symptoms).

So right now, after a pretty decent day, I'm in pain, burning, tingling, and with twitching all over the body, and filled with doubts on my mind.

I know that SFN could be there but, unless they found a "treatable" cause, my symptomatic treatment, Gabapentin+Carbamazepine(this one is new for me), would be pretty much the same if an idiopathic SFN should be confirmed.

But to confirm this a Sweating test and/or a nerve/skin biopsy, both very specialized tests, are the next option. None of them was suggested, because for my neurologist, I'm getting better, even as I'm in real pain...

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