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I have a old fracture in my c6 c7 in my neck not sure if that is causing me to loose my balance and my legs to gave out with no warning a couple of weeks ago. i have been also having pins needles in my left hand wish is not going away. I had a mri already but my doctor messed up on the test. I will maybe need to get a other mri if i don't get better. Now i hurt my neck again in the same place and i am having pins needles in both hands now wish is new. hope that i didn't hurt that area again that would be very bad if i did.
I had fallen last year off my bed at night hitting my back of my neck on the base board the day after i was in a lot of pain around where i fell . I found out about six weeks after that i had a fracture of my c6 and c7 wish i later found out that part of the bone broke off and was near my other bone. I found out from my dad that my doctor did the mri on my neck on 8/17 wish was ok but now i am having more medical issues with my neck now i hurt my neck again on friday of last week and right after i had a bad headache. I been having a burning feeling in my head plus having pins needles in both hands now. I don't under stand why this is going on right now. I keep loosing my balance and having really bad headaches vision affected and my doctor think that it might be my meds that i am on for my migraine headaches i will not know if it is my meds for two weeks. Not looking foward to waiting that long to find out.
the one definite thing you simply NEED to do right now becky is actually obtain your very OWN copy of that most recent MRI report that was done on you? trust me here when i say that most, esp specialists will not even bother to actually even tell the flippin patient about everything that is even found in any given rad report? it is ONLY what 'they feel" is more pertinent to what may be going on, but when there simply is a doc with no real experience in dealing with what YOU just have wrong, the 'pertinent' stuff is wayyy off too kinda thing? i always, always obtain all reports from ANY actual testing i have done and have also done this for my son since 1999-2000(and still doing it) when he was originally Dxed with being in total liver failure(did NOT have a freaking clue he was even sick) and his tx that took place in june 2000,just so I HAVE all his testing results and those very important in that type of situation lab reports done too?we both have our own lil nice expanding types of folders that all the stuff is put into,then that folder is brought to every appt we have too since ya just never know what may be needed or you have to try and reacll at any given appt? its all right there in THAT one lil folder and sooo freaking handy.

just having our own reports from like anything tested just allows US, the actual patients to have our own copies in our own files to read, to research if needed among other handy things. i have also found that this seriously just IS the very best way to try and even stay on top of all things needed or medical related too? but simply getting that latest MRI report and if you could, actually type out what was in the very last page in what is the "summary" would help ME also to try and help you to figure out at least some of your findings that would have had to have shown something simply given your symptoms? we all simply DO have every right to copies of not only our test reports, but also all medical records that every doc we actually see who has to by law make what are called 'clinic notes' after every single visit we have with them too? all the clinic nores from primary docs ARE availiable by simply requesting them and filling out one release of information sheet that is actually "good' for one full year(has to be done tho for each seperate doc you are seeing)? with specialists, all you really get when you request any of your records from them, really is only the 'progress reports" that are generated after each visit and just sent to usually your primary doc or to whoever actually did the referral to that specific specialist. but it IS info on YOU and their 'impressions' of your situation and how you are doing too? and is all done the very same way with any specialists you may see too, with a simple request for your records and filling out that one release of info sheet?

but just considering your current symptoms, you really DO need to find out what was actually found in that MRI report as 'hard findings" listed in that summary and possibly seek out a consult/eval from a really good neurosurgeon just to see what any options actually are for you with this? since this just was done(the MRI) it should at the very least show what could be impacted in there from the fracture or even other possible crappy stuff that can simply just 'be" in our c spines down to the nerve root and cord levels too? forgive me if you mnetioned this on the previous page hon, my brain is slowly goin here along with my body,lol. but what DID your doc have to say after he saw your MRI report and did he refer you off to ANY type of specialist at all? simply even having any level of real 'fracture" within our spinal IS a place that is NOT actually really 'stable" til it hopefully will 'fuse" and fix itself, but there just is the need here to make darn certain that everything having to do with that fracture site is even aligned up exactly perfectly or it will not heal within the proper alignment, and could even 'fuse" over or include an actual nerve root within that area and would fuse with that actually included "in it" somehow? that is NOT something you want to have happen with ANY actual nerve root? just even having that area fractured and over time, that just in and of itself, depending upon where and how bad it is, can create issues for you probably later vs sooner depending upon your age?

but just popping in to the spinal boards down below here in that "S" section, trust me here, there ARE other people there too who are dealing with more of the same types of ongoing symptoms that you are also displaying? this board really is for anyone who has any level of more c spine related crap going on too, not 'just" the strange and insane world of 'spinal weirdness that is possible? while the back boards kind of cover anything from the T spine on down, for some reason, people with the c spine level crap, all seem to end up IN that spinal board area. i DO pop in there alot only because of all my crap i have been thru with MY two c spine surgeries done from the front, and my actual surgery done into my spinal cord from the back, which trust me is ten times worse as far as what you get left to deal with than any anterior approach surgery where they do not have to cut thru alot of very thick muscle? my back of my c spine and of course those 'inner' contents are sooo much worse now than i could have ever imagined before. i just had my most recent MRI on monday and am awaiting what i do NOT want to actually know about from my doc right now too.

but try looking thru some of the threads on that spinal board bec. it really will show you alot about how YOUR symptoms simply do compare to ALOT of others who also post there? much much moreso than you will ever find here in just the neuropathy board would? and DO obtain that copy of the MRI report hon so you have it, and can also post that summary for me here too? and this just really has to also be as the rad wrote it word for word too, since how any given finding is worded in many cases just DOES actually matter with this stuff, much more than i originally assumed way back at my very first MRI in 2001? i have now as of mon had a total of 19? MRIs done mostly on my c spine.just knowing what was in that report will seriously help me to help you and also allow other very experienced people who also post in that spinal board to see it too? so DO post that MRI IN that board when you get your hands on it bec, K? the people there on that spinal board ARE the ones you WANT to obtain advice and their opinions on this too, trust me there. hopefully we can help you with this and get you to the right places for the best type of help here too hon. Marcia
just exactly where is this burning located hon? and be as specific as possible? there can be a few different reasons for feeling that type of i am assuming "deeper" burning, or does this feel more like a surfacey type of pain or even a sting, like a sunburn feels? there just ARE many different "types of what anyone would desacribe as a 'burn" too? things just can get rather complicated when any nerves are involved?

this could be the nerves themselves or it can also be the nerves and how they simply can fire off too muscle too? getting an appt, depending upon just what your MRI states(really need to see that summary bec)with either a good neurologist or neurosurgeon(the 'specialist" you decide to see really depends more upon the actual MRI findings right now?)to simply have all your ongoing symptoms(and the hands on neuro eval any good neuro just does toc check for YOUR bodies responses to certain types of testing) and the MRI all together in an eval/consult really would be the best way to at least get things rolling here hon. but seeing what was in that MRI report really would help me to help you in the very best ways right now, esp who you should be seeing.

also, depending upon exactly where the burning is showing itself can kind of tell whther this is a muscle thing or a nerve thing itself? muscles/tendon also tend to burn when they have been damaged too, so its not all that easy to simply pinpoint "the" reason without being evaled by at the very least, the neurologist. but if you have deeper findings or particular/certain ones, thats when a neurosurgeon who simply has more in depth knowledge and understanding of the more inner you up there may be needed?

just what did YOUR doc have to say about the MRI findings and what did you mean when you mentioned in a previous post that the "doc messed up your MRI"? what DID he actually do? marcia

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