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Hi i been going though a lot of muscle twiching in my body for seven weeks. Now a couple of days ago i started having pins in needles in my left hand. I had pins in needles for over 6 hours on one day the second day i had it over four hours. It was driving me nuts because i am also left handed and i could not hold onto things in my hand. I am waiting to see my doctor to see if it goes worse. hope you are able to work soon as possible when you feel better.
I have a old fracture in my c6 c7 in my neck not sure if that is causing me to loose my balance and my legs to gave out with no warning a couple of weeks ago. i have been also having pins needles in my left hand wish is not going away. I had a mri already but my doctor messed up on the test. I will maybe need to get a other mri if i don't get better. Now i hurt my neck again in the same place and i am having pins needles in both hands now wish is new. hope that i didn't hurt that area again that would be very bad if i did.
I had fallen last year off my bed at night hitting my back of my neck on the base board the day after i was in a lot of pain around where i fell . I found out about six weeks after that i had a fracture of my c6 and c7 wish i later found out that part of the bone broke off and was near my other bone. I found out from my dad that my doctor did the mri on my neck on 8/17 wish was ok but now i am having more medical issues with my neck now i hurt my neck again on friday of last week and right after i had a bad headache. I been having a burning feeling in my head plus having pins needles in both hands now. I don't under stand why this is going on right now. I keep loosing my balance and having really bad headaches vision affected and my doctor think that it might be my meds that i am on for my migraine headaches i will not know if it is my meds for two weeks. Not looking foward to waiting that long to find out.

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