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[QUOTE=huberschnitzel0;4314699]I've been having problems with my right forearm/elbow since February 2009. It all started when i fell on my elbow and my whole arm was numb for about 2 days. (I'm not sure if this attributed to whats happening now or not.) After that my arm felt just fine. That May i was sleeping on the floor at a friends house when i banged my elbow really hard on her bed. This sent shooting pains and a burning feeling down the bottom side of my forearm to my pinky. This continued for about and hour and after that my elbow hurt and my bottom side of the forearm, pinky, and half my ring finger were very numb. The next day i woke up and my arm was swolen and painful to move it so I decided to go to my regular pediatrition. At first he thought it was fractured and took xrays but ultimately decided he had no clue what could be wrong and told me to see an orthopedic doctor in a month. In June i saw the bone doctor and he was much more helpful than the pediatrician. He explained to me that i had somehow injured my ulnar nerve and that at the elbow it moved out of place. He also said that if it didn't get better within 4-6 weeks he would perform surgery but he really didn't want to on a person my age. 6 weeks later it still wasn't any better but i never went back to see that doctor. Eventuaslly my arm stopped bothering me and I sort of forgot about it.
Now the pain has come back worse than ever and i can't figure out why! I haven't really used my arm much or at least not enough to hurt it but the tingling, shooting pain when i bumpit, and horrible pain at and around the elbow have all come back. I'm afraid now that it has spread to other nerves in my arm because the tingling seems to be spreading to the other half of my arm as well, especially in my fingers and thumb. Also if I run my finger along the bottom of my armit causes numbness.
What's wrong with muy arm now? Could it be more than just the ulnar nerve affected? I really don't want to have to get surgery or anything but what should I do?
Any anwers and advice wopuld really be appreiciated thnks so much in advanced![/QUOTE]

I too had surgery on both my hands for carple tunnel. In 2000 I had surgery on both my elbows because of the same symptoms you mentioned. They were supposed to move the nurve because they said it was getting pinched because my bones were too large. When I woke up from the surgery both times I found out that instead of moving it like they told me they were goinng to do they instead cut the bones on the inside of each elbow. This was supposed to stop them beeing pinched. After all the pain from healing I still to this day have the same symptoms and refuse to have surgery again. They should have moved it like they told me instead of cutting the bones. It did not fix the problem. The carpal tunnel surgery was done on both hands in 1995. It is back and unless I lose the use of my hands I will not risk redoing the surgery as several doctors all told me the risk of permanently losing the use of both hands was very high if the surgery is done again. Too risky. I feel for you and what you are going through and if you do have surgery I hope you have a better doctor than I did. It fixed nothing.

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