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hello I am a 28 year old girl - with good health. I am on no medication.

Recently I wore pair of bad shoes for over 2 months. I developed a neuroma (spelling) in my right foot. I went to the podiatrist and she taped up my ankles and dry needled my calves. She told me that I had HUGE tension in my calves from the shoes. Anyway cut to two weeks later. My feet now have began to start vibrating. My left food is the worse. It only happens when I am still - I cant feel it when I am walking.

I went to an osteopath and she cracked, pulled and massaged my body. I thought the tingling would stop. I was wrong. Now as I type this my left foot is vibrating. It is VERY annoying and I cant stop it. I so find though if I elevate my foot the buzzing somewhat subsides.

If I stand on the ball of my left foot my leg shakes uncontrollably. It feels like I have constant pins and needles in my foot now. Nothing helps it - I have taken voltaren that does not help - neither does icing or putting a heat bag. I am beside myself with what to do. My hips feel tight and the osteopath said to me that my hips were out of whack. She also said that the buzzing/vibration may be due to stress as I have had a very stressful week.

Has ANYONE out there had the same thing? What did you do? What should I do next?:confused:

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