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[QUOTE=MMaggie;5258081]How much relief have you got by a splint? Do you need to wear it during daytime or only night? I am very curious how TMD can affect extraction sites.
You gave me hope, I would prefer anything over nerve pain as it's apparently the most difficult to treat.[/QUOTE]

I too have not worked for the past 4 months. When it all first happened, I could not concentrate on anything other than the feeling I had in my mouth. It took over my life. Mine is not a sharp pain, but a constant irritating feeling in the gum tissue which felt like something was stuck in between my teeth, until I had the teeth pulled and realized it was the gums. It is actually referred pain from clinchin, which I do during the day and while I am asleep. I wear the splint at night and during the day too when I do not have my nesbit partial in.

Regarding the Amitriptyline, it takes almost 4 weeks to really see any benefit from it. It has to build up in your system before it really works, if it is going to work for you. I have heard the dose needs to be around 75mg to really help and it is hard to get to that with the side effects, which is why they sometimes use Nortriptyline due to less side effects. To be honest, none of it really did much for the feelings I had, but everyone is different.

Being that yours are the front teeth, I am not sure if they can be affected by TMJ. I would have to look into that. If you search for TMJ trigger points referring pain, you will find where each muscle when in spasm refers pain to. It is not my jawbone near my ears, I have muscular spasms that cause the referred pain.
I also take 10mg of felxiril (muscle relaxer) before bed and I use moist heat and ice on my face during the day to ease the spasms. I also found that semsodyne repair and protect toothpaste helps, so I rub that on my teeth and gums and sometimes leave it on overnight.

Nothing is the cure all and I still have bad days, but I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I live in Pittsburgh,PA. I am not sure where you live, but if you are close I can give you the name and info on my orafacial specialist. He is wonderful.
Hope you feel a little better soon, hang in there, you are not alone. Hugs!!

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