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[QUOTE=ppage58;4638654]Im with you.ive had smn since 1998 mainly in my hands and feet.i had to stop driving an eithteen wheeler in fed this year.i started getting panic attacks while driving.sfn and driving dont mix very well.elavil helps me sleep well.but day time sucks.i take tramadol and neurontin for day time pain.they take the edge off a little.doc is helping me get ssi.sfn spread to leggs and arms very fast.and going into my face and back.i am so happy to have a nurse as my wife.she is my angel.good luck to you[/QUOTE]

As you may read from my post I don't have, officially at least, SFN, but got all the symptoms. A skin Biopsy or the sweating test are not available for me to confirm or discard this diagnosis.

Nevertheless I do have SFN symptoms, but on top of that I also have motor symptoms, weakness, muscle twitching, muscle ache, which were confirmed in a EMG/NCV I got back in February.

I don't know if "pure" SFN sufferers have motor issues, and viceversa, because according to medical articles you're not suppose to, you have one or the other.

Anyway in both cases, anxiety alone(with the panic attacks) can be as disabling, if not more than the neuropathy itself, because it not only raise your symptoms, but gives you new ones, up to the point that in my last neurologist appointment, they believed that my case was pure anxiety....

I did show improvement on a new NCV test, but I don't feel so well...

It's great that you have someone who can give you the hugs and attention needed when sometimes the average people sees you and tells you. "you look fine", evne as you're in terrible pain and/or fear.
[QUOTE=johnpeel100;4854716]AbI too suffer from SFN in my feet. I was initially recommended amitriptaline which I strongly refused due to all the horror stories I have heard from people I know who had been onstill on them . Gabapentin was offered as an alternative & and after researching them on internet I decided to take them. Gabstention works for me but the dosage needed to be increased gradually over two weeks from 3 x 100 mg / day to 3 x 300mg / day .this seemed ok for a few months but my SFN sgarter to get steadily worse , so my dosage to what I am on now which is 3x300mg capsules 3x a from basically 300mg/day to 2700mg/day. This dosage is at present ok but ive only been on this since July 2011-present. I have read that the maximum dosage allowed in UK is 3600mg/day. Recently ive noticed that I have hada few violent episodes and it is being related to the gabapentin . What I am wondering is if anyone else has noticed this and if any one can recommend an alternative drug which I can mention to my doctor . Thank you jx[/QUOTE]
I've had PN since around 07...I was on Lyricia but for Insurance reasons had to switch to Neurontin and have been on it for about 2+yrs...a few months ago my Insurance switched and was allowed back on Lyricia so weened off Neurontin and went full time on Lyricia...and it was awful!!! Not only was I in pain(normal but still) BUT I was also a LOT more numb then normal..enough where it was bothering me like the pain. So I went back on Neurontin after weening off the Lyricia(I was getting tired of the ween period) and currently I take 1200mg x 3 a day and as you said 3600mg is the max dose here too.
It works the best for me...don't get me wrong I'm in pain the second I wake up till I thankfully fall asleep...but it helps me live and thankfully work and I've not had side effects like some....that said I now have RLS but that is another story.

I hope you have a pain free Wednesday.

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