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[QUOTE=MamaTash;4331799]Hello, everyone. I've been having some major health issues lately and was told that I needed to see a nuerologist, which I'm doing October 1st. I'm young, only a 24yr old female, but these symptoms seem to be progressing quickly and its pretty frightening. I've always suffered from extreme fatigue, vertigo, fainting, huge heat intolerance (and I live in Vegas), panic attacks, mirgraines with auras, frequent urination (about every 25 minutes) and insomnia at night but still very fatigued.

About six months ago, I started to notice the fatigue getting worse and along with it I was having a horrible burning sensation up and down my spine, and my muscle were aching throughout my whole body. It felt like I had been working out in the gym for hours upon hours, and my muscle were just sore and heavy. Quickly after that, I started getting headaches everyday with days that I would have a full blown migraine. I've been losing my memory, my vision has decreased dramatically over the past 6 months, and there's times were my vision goes completely out, gets blurry, auras, shadows around objects, etc.

Then about 3 months ago I started shaking in my whole body and it progresses to violent shaking throughout the day. I take valium for panic attacks and I notice after my second dose my shaking usually stops or isn't extremely noticable. About the same time I started getting pins and needles in my limbs and was noticing some cognitive problems. I've also been in a considerable amount of pain that leaves me completely wiped out. I find myself leaning on counters or unable to walk most days. I had a scary experience about 4 weeks ago that landed me in the ER. I was sitting on the couch with my bf and my left pinky went numb and spread gradually throughout the rest of my hand, up my arm, and into my face. I became very disoriented. After feeling came back, the same thing occurred in the right side of my body. I've also been getting muscle cramps mainly in my legs and back that quite excruciating.

Could this be MS or something else?[/QUOTE]

Extreme fatigue, heat intolerance, dizziness, numbness and pain, an visual trouble are all trademark of MS.

BUT since you have anxiety and panic attacks of great intensity, this condition alone can mimic everything in the book. But this condition is often related with MS, and neuropathy and pretty much an other chronic and upsetting illness.

If you can afford it, two tests can give you great insight on your case: The lumbar puncture(which I leave to last) that finds specific proteins related to MS condition, and an MRI, contrasted if you can, because it shows more.

If you can afford an MRI both of head and spine, where MS lesions can be found, is better, but if you can only go for one, duer to your fainings, and headaches, I'll go for the head MRI, which also can rule out some other conditions that can give you symptoms like yours.

A neurologis appointment is mandatory.

Good luck

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