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Hi all. I had ulnar nerve decompression in February this year which did not suceed in fixing the problem. 8 weeks ago I had an ulnar nerve transposition which has improved things but it is not totally better. I still have numbness in my pinky and ring finger and this increases to total loss of feeling when I raise my arms above my head for any length of time. Is it possible for the nerve to be compressed somewhere else other than the area that has been transposed? There was a definite blockage at the elbow (3 EMGs performed) but no one has tested above the elbow or with movement of my arms and shoulder.

If there is a possibilty of another area what tests would be needed to find out? MRI of the neck a year ago showed only slight bulge at c5, mild arthritis but the nerve is not compressed within the spine. I have heard that Doppler Ultrasound can diagnose blockages caused by veins near the collar bone. Would this be appropriate to request or would a CT be better. I was also born with a sterno-mastoid muscle deformity and it is not visible on one side when I turn my head. It is there but obviously not in the correct place;)

Any advice from anyone would be really appreciated because I want to try and get this problem fixed. My pinky is alread clawed and I don't want it to progress if I can avoid it. Thank you in advance.:)

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