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Hi Ruby,
Thanks so much for posting to me! I sure hope you are finding some relief.

I have started back to acupuncture and they feel that the burning tingling awful pain in my feet is originating in my back. Once, long ago I had a CT scan of my upper back and neck that didn't show anything out of the ordinary. But the acupuncturist feels that this is stemming from a disc problem in my lumbar area, something no one has even mentioned before. So that is how they are treating me. I have had 3 treatments so far this session, and the difference in my pain level is amazing. I also get a very painful massage of my feet as well,
but it seems to make a lot of difference in the numbness in both of my feet. The acupuncturist said that they have seen people such as me who had no symptoms other than the terrible burning, tingling, numbness and pain in their feet and they turn out to have very bad back problems and sciatica.

My feeling is that I have a combination of problems going on. The doctors I have seen have been trying to pinpoint one culprit but I feel there are several to blame. I do have RA, fibromyalgia and now the diagnosis of SFN, but I also feel that they have missed the back component.

I am so thankful I decided to try acupuncture. It takes about 3-4 treatments to see results. I am scheduled to see the pain doctor coming up this month. He doesn't do anything but go over my prescriptions and make recommendations to my gp. It is a much different system here in Canada, but I am going to tell him about the acupuncture .And I want to ask him about the CIDP testing and the IVIg.

I feel so much better today after my last treatment but I am scared it won't last.

I wonder how we will feel now with the colder weather coming. My body hates the heat,
and it never gets really cold here. But because I live on the coast it is very damp.

Please keep me posted on your experiences,I do wish you the very best!!!
Take care,

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