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Do you mind revealing what your auto-immune disease is? Without a doubt, many of them can and do affect nerve function, and even some of the medications for these disease have neuro-toxicity or neurolytic properties.

A number of vitamin deficiencies can also result in painful or otherwise uncomfortable neuropathy, as can other systemic diseases. Diabetic Neuropathy is perhaps the best-known such condition.

MRIs, CTs, and other imaging modalities have limited resolution, and unfortunately miss many instances where trauma or defect in a nerve or surrounding tissue is simply too small to be detected. It only takes a very small neurological defect or trauma to cause tremendous pain, tingling, crawling sensations, or numerous other symptoms. Imaging tests are good for baseline measurements at the very least, but may never detect minute trauma or defect.

An EMG may show problems in peripheral nerves, but if your problem is confined to the central nervous system (brain and spinal column) the test is of little use.

The bottom line is that if a structural anomaly is detected, it should be treated surgically only if the outcome is worth the risk. Many back-pain and neck-pain sufferers have had spinal surgeries that fixed one problem but created something else - sometimes even more painful. If the risk of surgery is too great, or if no operable condition is detected, it is almost certain that you will be treated based on your descriptions of your symptoms. It is therefore critical that you communicate as effectively as possible with your physicians. All too often doctors hear what they expect to hear based on trying to fit your complaints to a disease or syndrome with which they are most familiar. In many cases, patients don't say anything because they are afraid of upsetting the doctor, and they live in pain or discomfort far worse than they should have to tolerate. I recommend that you do as much research online about neuropathy and neuralgia. You may find terms to describe your symptoms that are even better than what you've been using, and that can help your care providers treat you more effectively.

Neuropathy is a terrible condition to have to endure. I've been dealing with it for over thirty years - in many cases seeing doctors who were not willing to accept that neuropathy was my problem, [B]even when faced with the surgical reports of my nerve tumor excisions and nerve sectioning/resectioning![/B] Doctors can be quite the ornery bunch!

Best of luck,


[QUOTE=beatlebug;4618434]I have multiple symptoms: tingling crawly feeling (all over), itching, pins and needles, sharp stabbing pains, and tightness in my stomach, esphagus, lungs, bladder, kidneys, back muscles. I have low vitamin levels and have been getting treatment for awhile but with no improvement with these symptoms. I was evaluated for MS (brain MRI) about 8 years ago I guess, my MRI was normal. I have an autoimmune disease but I am not aware that it causes neuropathic problems. If you have nerve disease, how do you get a diagnosis?[/QUOTE]

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