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hello, i was recently diagnosed and we have not foun the cause. my md thinks its an auto immune disease or something, but no such cases are in my family.

it started after july when i got golfers elbow from too much practicing (im a musician). it never healed fully because i would keep playing infrequently. i did a stretch on youtube for it and my symptoms started like cubital tunnel. numb fingers( left side), sever pain near funny bone. got emg done. it was normal. had a friend who is a phyaical therapist help diagnose. she found my nerve slipped out of the groove. she tested my right arm. she just lightly placed her finger in my funny bone and i bent my arm like 10 times. went home and the symptoms started in my right arm. severe pain and numbness in last 2 digits. I wet to school the next day and used my right hand to write. after that symptoms got worse in my hand. my whole hand went numb, very dry skin, very painful along pink side of palm. swollen as well. also tinels sign near superficial radial nerve shooting into thumb. neuro said bilateral carpal tunnel and cubital. my back has been killing me as well. i moved into a room that had a stiff bed, i mean as hard as the floor, but had mri on spine and back and normal?? also leg pain , tingling feet. left arm has healed almost. i think scar tissue is bugging ulnar nerve when i bend my arm. any ideas?? i had to drop out of school...very depressed. i dont think its an autoimmune disease. maybe diabetes. neuro ordered vit b12 and cr protein blood test. hasnt come back. my thyroid is normal. right hand is terrible. all fingers are numb and swollen, cannot put my ring finger down without my middle going too. back of hand and wrist numb and swollen. caparl ttunnel doesnt affect back of hand right? also no shock when i tap on median nerve, still cps? please help or adivce.

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