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Interesting Thread.

Yes, it seems that when you've got PN almost EVERYTHING has to be taken in account for, in order to avoid any PN increasing food, medicine, habit, etc.

I'm on the most numerous cases where the cause is unknown...

Doctors suspect that it is an autoimmune process or that I've been struck by a virus of sorts, but all of Antibody tests came out pretty normal, and not a trace of anything.

I do have high lipids, but no doctor ever related that with my neuropathy.

BUT they gave treatment for it and:

1. Pravastantine: I just couldn't tolerate it, I know that it can cause, PN symptoms even on healthy people so I'm trying to find anything else that could help lowering my lipids, aside from diet and exercise, that are both on the downside with me, the first one because anxiety made me eat like crazy, the second one because with PN I haven't got the stamina I used too, and I'm often end like if I ran a Marathon twice, after a mild exercise session.

2. Flu/Allergies/Infections/Antibiotics. I've have them all my life, and with PN, as soon as an infection starts, I feel bad, BUT as soon as I treat it with antibiotics, I feel worse(PN speaking), it's terrible, I'm really scared of colds.

3. Stomach Issues: Same as above. True that Cipro is heavier than other antibiotics.

4. Coffee/Alcohol They hit hard, both of them. First one almost on sight, the second one during hangover, if you can get a hangover from 2-3 beers and a glass of wine.

5. Bad Night Sleep It's not an immediate effect, but the day after it does leave a mark.

6. Stress/Anxiety Both increase the PN in numerous ways and intensities, and they are a vicious circle where you feel worse, they go up, and you feel even worse than before, and so on.

Exercise has a double effect on me, it's mostly positive, but sometimes I can get a clear increase in my symptoms from it, and sometimes I can get relief, even in a crisis, by doing 10-20 minutes on an elliptical cycle.

Cheers to all.

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