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I was diagnosed some weeks ago with idopathic peripheral neuropathy which has affected my feet - numbness, stabbing pains, burning when walking or standing too much. Went to see a Neurologist and had all the tests.

Have been placed on Lyrica and anti-depressants

For the past two days I have been experiencing a tingling/pins and needles in my left hand going up my arm and am wondering if this could be the PN spreading?? Has anyone else experienced this. Will see my Doc this afternoon.

I read a thread where it is mentioned that gluten can affect PN - will do further research but if anyone else can input that will be great

To all my fellow sufferers - I do know what you going through and feel for you
i am just wondering exactly what specific testing was done per what you stated as "had all the tests"? esp considering your now also having upper torso symptoms too, did they actually do a full spinal MRI at least just to see if or where possible nerve or even cord compression somewhere could be generating the symptoms? and now with the latest symptoms, that c spine area would be the most likely 'spinal' level to give those symptoms too(if it IS a spinal related generator)? just that word 'idiopathic' kind of means they do not really know what is generating it it just kind of 'is' showing the signs of a specific 'type of condition like peripheral neuropathy in your case?

just making certain that they DID do that needed MRI on your full spinal, thats all. its just needed as kind of a 'rule out' type test for other 'possibles' when having symptoms in your legs or feet goes? this just could be lumbar related, or what you were actually Dxed with too? but with the newest symptom now being way above that lumbar level, this could all be from cord impact or two seperate spinal issues, which IS so possible in many people. like i have symptoms from my c spine issues and also lumbar issues?

but since peripheral neuropathy DOES impact the areas AT the periphery(fingers toes would be the most extreme 'peripheral"or "distal' parts of our body?) that Dx could be right on and 'could' also impact the other ends of extermities too, in answer to your original question.

but like i mentioned above, the "types' of symptoms you are just haveing here simply 'can' also be stemming from a spinal related base generator too? thats why that MRI really should be done to confirm Dx at the very least, or rule in something else too? if they did ONLy an EMG, it would only show there is some type of 'flow velocity issue thru the nerve to muscle and brain and back. it cannot actually 'tell' the 'hows' in why certain nerves are being impacted. thats why other testing helps to best define that part too?

you just always need to make certain that ANY actual dx made on you just IS right based upon ruling out ALL other possibles. exactly what all was tested and using what type of testing to do it? and make certain to also obtain your very own copies of any and all testing results/reports ever done on you for your OWN files and so YOU can also read thru them too. Marcia
Have your Neurologist test for TOS Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, I was having the same thing, plus pain and I was losing strength in my arm, eventually it got to the point I couldn't pick up my coffee cup without using both hands...I lost my grip. Does it get worse at night or when you hold your arms out above your waste?...I was feeling like someone hit my funny bone and the pain from that just wasn't going away.....PLEASE make sure you do research (Before) if you have to have surgery....I am having a VERY bad problem now...Good luck

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