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Need a lifeline
Jan 7, 2011
Veteran members or anyone with any ideas, please share them with me. I'm ready to pull my hair out. I am so frustrated and mentally exhausted by my Odyssey of problems, I'm used to good health and my problems as of late are mind boggling. I'm 41, I have a disabled 5-year-old, I just can't be sick, I can not.

I hate rambling medical histories so pardon me in advance, I'll make it quick (yeah, right)

From Jan to June last year I had a series of upper respiratory and sinus infections. I took Amoxicillin, Amoxicillin Clavanate, Levaquin, Prednisone, steroid shots, you name it, I couldn't kick the illness despite my best efforts. I had weird breathing problems where I couldn't seem to get enough air, like I was breathing all from the shoulders and not using my diaphragm like I should. I quit smoking and had a clean low-dose spiral CT lung scan, passed my pulmonary tests, normal blood work, and I had a sinus CT scan leading my doc to attribute my problems to allergic rhinitis.

I know the stories about Levaquin and perhaps I'm a causality. I started having odd neurological problems after the Levaquin, which made me very ill for the 5 days I was on it, gastro problems, weird feeling in my head like I was going crazy, depression, general ill feeling. I had tingling in my left arm, numbness, dry eyes (eye doc diagnosed that), super hypersensitive skin like an instant sunburn, all this happened after the Levaquin (750MG) by about two weeks. Those sensory nerve problems lasted a few days and went away. Then I took Imtrex one morning and the hypersensitive skin came back, even my showers hurt, but a few days later that was gone and I did take Imtrex again with no problems.

Summer came and I felt great. Went on a low-carb diet and lost 25 pounds.

All well until early November. That weird breathing thing I had last year, that started again and lasted a good three weeks before it just stopped. I did notice odd pressure changes in my sinus cavity, which scared me, I was thinking....oh no, here we go again, but nothing developed. I did get that feeling like I was on the verge of being sick but never did, a fact I contributed to taking vitamins routinely. I was still on my low carb diet so I stopped it totally and went back to eating normally. As a note, I routinely take Vicodin (half a pill for my back problems and a half a Xanax to sleep at night). On Nov. 4. I passed out on the couch and awoke with a migraine headache. I took a Vicodin first but the pain progressed. I took an Imtrex. I felt bad all day. I had wicked back cramps over the right shoulder, I couldn't even sleep, big knots formed around the shoulder blade. I had tingling in the area around the shoulder blade, pins and needles feelings. Massage therapy didn't work long term. Then this nervous explosion hit me like a wave, I felt sick, shaky, energy just blasted from my head through my arms and I couldn't use my right arm at all, the nerve was so irritated and bending it hurt. Acupuncture took that pain away but the tingling moved to the left arm and then down my left leg. All this time my right leg has been fine. At one point, I limped so bad from the pain that I considered buying a cane. My neck felt sensitive. A cervical MRI showed bulging and herniated disks, spurs and some nerve root compression, including a rightparacentral herniation. There's no weakness in my arms, other than when the nerve really fires and the pain makes it hard to use the arm. Nothing touches the pain. The left leg pain is like sciatica and hits around my knee and down by my skins, at one point I swore my ankle was sprained it hurt so bad, so this impacting my joints in some way. I don't know if it's anxiety or what but I had what almost felt like rocketing nerve impulses running through my body, like my nervous system signals were stuck in some roundabout with no end, I was skaking all over and developed muscle spasms (not terrible but tight muscles and fasculations all over) This slowly subsided but the nerve pain has settled into my left shoulder, elbow and left wrist, even my index finger felt swollen. My left leg still hurts. I had a brain MRI and results are due back Wednesday. I did the NCS and an upper and lower EMG. They didn't see anything glaring but said they'd go over all this Wednesday. They pretty much tell you then and there if there's anything major. They wanted to rule out MS because my mother has it. They gave me Neurotin but I don't like the effects. What works for me, at least to lessen nerve pain, is that damn Xanax, which is really hard to take because I have a 5-year-old and it's a heavy hitter for me. I don't care anymore what works, as long as it works. I just so want to feel OK again, all I want is to feel like me, I've been depressed, not feeling right in my mind and totally exhausted by this constant and annoying nerve problems, the left arm is the worst. It sometimes feels swollen, such as when I rest it on the table to type, like a circulation thing or something. I'm restless, annoyed and so very exhausted by this. My most recent blood work was good, I don't have the details to post but I know the doc checked my thyroid and the rheumatoid factor, not sure what else.

Why would Xanax be the only thing that seems to calm my nerves and the pain? I mean seriously, am I just totally nuts, I don't think I am, how can you imagine this? I know I'm not imaging this. Now, here's the really trippy part. I was on the computer tonight and suddenly, all my pain just stopped, all the nerve pain was gone and my muscles felt great, my wrist didn't hurt, nothing hurt, I felt normal in my head again, I was me. I wanted to jump for joy but it all came back a few hours later. Now I'm totally, totally confused. The other odd symptoms I get include sore spots on my body that feel like bruises that aren't really there. How weird is that? Irritated nerves? I don't know.

I wake up every morning depressed now. I want this to stop.

I'm begging anyone out there to give me some ideas of what, if anything, to look for, there's no rock I won't turn over to fix this. I'm desperate now. The Neuro didn't seem like he saw anything that was so serious and obvious that he wanted to go over it right then and there, he said I'd be fine and that he'd seem me Wednesday to talk about. Meanwhile, I'm wrecked, you know that nerve pain is like labor pain, it strikes you a level that you can't get comfortable from.

Is there anything, anything at all that someone can suggest? I keep thinking this vascular in some way, I felt it was my muscles because of the cramps and spascity and tics but when the nerve pain stopped today (cruel tease indeed) so did all that muscle pain).

I could cry I'm so very tired of this. I feel like something is really wrong but what? I'm looking everywhere I can? Please tell me I'm missing something, anything, I'll listen and try.


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