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I am a male and i also get it. It is like the body is Overheated, a very uncomfortable feeling- right? I have gone to many doctors and specialists- so far nada. I discovered on my own what helps. You will notice that Exhaling intensifies it whereas Inhaling reduces it. I just gave away the clue.
Try the following:
1) take anti-oxidants, such as Alpha lipoic acid, Acai berry extract, C, mixed E

2) drink pure coconut water (i drink zico brand). if not just drink cold water and take deep breaths by inhaling through mouth, exhales can be shorter but try to inhale more oxygen

3) place your hands in cold running water for a few seconds to a minute

4) avoid too much of Coffee (Caffeine). learn and know your threshold and stay under that level

5) inhale pure Oxygen (this is possible only if you have an oxygen tank or an oxygen concentrator

6) do diaphragmatic breathing daily

Good luck to all of you.

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