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[QUOTE=rightarmuseless;4673429]Hi, new here so I am not sure what i am posting is in correct spot. I fell at work approx 8 months ago and injured my right arm. I had stitches, pain swelling etc in my elbow forearm and shoulder. Bulk of injury was to elbow area. X-rays and MRI done, stitches came out after 8 days and long arm cast applied for 6 weeks. I was in constant pain and my thumb lost feeling in it. The original MRI showed a tear in tendon and muscles in elbow and lots of fluid and i understood that due to injury. After cast came off came physical therapy 3x a week, pain in entire arm continued to worsen, never able to fully extend arm and ended up with occasional wrist drop. Workers comp gave dr the runaround when surgical exploration and release of deep radial nerve surgery was recommended. The EMG/ECV showed radial amplitude of 0.2 in right and normal 2.1 in left arm. Finally surgery was approved after 5 months. During surgery 3 hours total and over 2 hour tourniquet time the dr said there was so much scar tissue and nerve was compressed in numerous places and while she was decompressing the nerve under the forearm muscle belly there was to much scar tissue and she dissected the posterior interosseous nerve. So we will fast forward almost 3 months later....... after surgery, large amounts of swelling, horrid pain, no use of extensors in hand 4 fingers. Only my pinky would move. After some time my ring and middle finger did get a little extension back at the knuckles but i have not regained ANY extension of thumb and first finger. Physical therapy is useless. New EMG/ECV showed radial amplitude at only 0.1, less than BEFORE surgery:(. Also new MRI shows tons of damage and denervation of all forearm muscles and some tear in my wrist as well as edema still. I am right handed so this has been awful. My surgeon kept saying give it time till this recent EMG came in, now shes saying nerve transfer surgeries etc... She is sending me to a top specialist in Chicago for second opinion and then she said she will do the surgery. I think i would rather him do it! Anyone out here ever go through anything like this? How is nerve transfer surgery and recovery from this? Anyone have anything for me? Also last 2 days my hand has been tingling like asleep and today i lost sense of touch feeling in thumb and 1st finger...[/QUOTE]
Hi, I would not be able to tell you about the surgery, but I wanted to ask you if you had any complications with your breathing and general sensitivity on the whole right side. I had a severed radial nerve about 6 months ago and it seems that the whole right side is kind of not being able to feel and even facial articulation is reduced. Is that familiar? I would be really thenkful for an answer. Paul

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