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I do not know of Tai Chi in my area... will have to look that up.

My gym offers piyo and yoga and pilaties. As soon as I know about how my body will respond, I will get into these.

If my foot doctor recommends braces, I too will work them out at the gym. I do not need my calves to be weak along with my feet. But I also do not care to fall down my stairs again or fall on the cement. Tired of falling!

I have my emg results, but they are greek to me. I have to google ranges and stuff.

The sore thing about this, it's my right foot that is affected the most. I worry about loosing too much motion and sensation in my foot :eek:

I have good feeling in the big toe and the next one... the other three have almost no response due to nerve damage. I can sense cold and hot extreme changes, but things that drop on them, or other things like that are not as painful as they should be.

The emg results tell me that I have generalized sensorimoter peripheral polyneuropathy, primarily axonal. My EMG needle examination was deferred (ummm lets keep the needle examination deferred for a LOOONNNGGG time!)

He has all of the tables and images in the report. I just need to know what they mean. He knows I am a googler... lol I look at the information, then bring up questions based on what I find... this is not something he frowns on.

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