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Hi all, hoping for a little advice on a problem i've had for the last 7 months.Basically don't know how i hurt my arm or don't recall doing anything to it but one day back in July i had a burning pain under my left tricep and pins & needles in the last 2 fingers of my left hand.Also my elbow felt strange and tender & i was noticing alot of twitching from the area.

Since then i've been Dr's countless times and have i've been put on Diclofenac,Solpadol at first but then i started to have sleepless days (i work nights) and complaining of the pain in my shoulder blade area on my left side i was then given Amitriptyline (which helps me sleep no end :)).The Dr took a look & said it was likely my C7 nerve was playing up and that i had a pro lapsed disc in my neck.I was then referred to my local hospital to see a specialist.

As the pain was getting worse i thought i'd try a chiropractor which didn't really help he of course insisted it wasn't a pro lapsed disc after looking me over & that he could sort it 4 trips later and 150 lighter in the pocket i gave up.

I've just gone Hospital to see another specialist who said it looked like it was getting better to which i don't agreee (reasons later) and i'm being sent physio before going back to hospital in 6 weeks time.

Although there saying its a pro lapsed disc i feel no pain in my neck is this normal?? Could it be a trapped disc?

I've noticed that my shoulder pop's & cracks all the time now (the Dr didn't really seem bothered by this and just said its prob my tendon) & i struggle to lye on my left side whilast sleeping.Also i've noticed that if i lift my left arm up it feels like a struggle to fully extend it,and i get a pulling feeling from my arm pit area.This sets off the pins & needles in my left arm whilst i'm doing this. It prob didn't help telling the Dr that around Christmas time it felt better although not cured because i was not shelf stacking (warehouse job in a supermarket) over christmas.But i noticed that as soon as i went back on the shop to help out stacking etc this sets my arm & shoulder blade occasionally.

Currently my shoulders still cracking & popping.Elbow feels tender twitching alot and i've been getting pins & needles in my fingers after stretching and lifting my arm.I've noticed that ill sometimes hold under my left arm pit rib area when the pains bad.

Anybody gone through anything similar?
Anyone going through anything similar? Anything I could do to help with the pain?
Have you had testing to find out why you have this in only 1 arm? Have they checked your neck for possible herniated disks? They are a prime cause of tingling in 1 arm.

[QUOTE=jennybyc;4681528]Have you had testing to find out why you have this in only 1 arm? Have they checked your neck for possible herniated disks? They are a prime cause of tingling in 1 arm.


Not really had any tests yet which is worrying as I was told first few times I went docs about nerve tests?? But since then nothing just tabs and now hospital.I'm starting to worry as they keep going on about an injection and risks of strokes first I was told by docs I would prob have a X-ray and Mir scan

I've had 2 specialist sorta look at me stretching bending my arm checking for loss of power etc but all fine according to them.I've only recently figured out I get a pain when lifting my left arm.I'm waiting for my next hospital appointment but have physio tues first.
Yes I have, sounds a lot like how mine started out, I had horrible pains in my right shoulder blade, then started getting pains down my arm, & tingling. The pain got much worse over time, to the point where I couldn't sleep I was in so much pain. my doctor ordered a MRI, wich is what you need to have done, and they discovered I blew a disk in my neck. I never had pain in my neck either, it was always in my arm and shoulder. I strongly advise you to get the MRI done, caus if that's what it is, your pain will only get worse till its fixed. mine was to the point of screaming & crying, I've never felt such pain as I did then. I had surgery last February, had to get my disks fused together, got a metal plate in there now, but I feel so much better.

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