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it took me a good 3 weeks to see the effects of cymbalta. yes, it makes you sleepy. but i will take drowsiness over nerve pain any day. i have been on it over 6 months and the drowsiness has improved a lot. sorry for his pain. sounds like he needs a repeat mri and visit to neurologist :(

also, i am off neurontin and nortriptyline completely. 30 mg cymbalta daily has cut my pain down significantly. i'm thinking about adding lyrica to see if the combination can take even more away.
[QUOTE=marybailey;4686756]i was taking daily-
3600 mg neurontin
30 mg cymbalta
50 mg nortriptyline

still having nerve pain in my foot and pins/needles in my hands, my doctor upped my cymbalta to 60 mg/daily.
my hand pins/needles were masked COMPLETELY.
i was curious how well the cymbalta was working, so i tried decreasing my neurontin.
well, i am down to 1800 mg/daily of neurontin!!!
so, basically 60 mg cymbalta has been more effective than 1800 mg of neurontin!!!
my point is---GIVE CYMBALTA A TRY!!! i don't know if the combination with nortriptyline is required, as i have yet to try taking away the nortrip.
but i am really pleased with the amount of nerve pain an antidepressant can take away.
hope this helps someone :)[/QUOTE]

I'm going to print this out to give to my new dr and hope that I can get a script for this Cymbalta. Past experience is they have been very unwilling to give me any meds that have any effect (going on 5 years). My Neurologist did just give me a script for Tramadol but only 30 pills and no refill. It helps only if I take it before I do much walking etc. but... does nothing to chase the pain once I'm at 7-10 pain level.
Thanks for posting the info. Hoping you have continued decrease in the pain

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