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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post, so please bare with me.

The other night I got up from sitting down on a hard kitchen chair (for about 20min and do not recall how I was sitting), tried to take a step, and fell flat on my face. It was as if my right leg just wasn't there. I'm 27F, healthy no medications.

I was able to get myself up almost immediately after by leaning on the counter and then kind of just shook it off. That was 5 days ago and it has been fine since. I ran about 8 miles the day before which is not significant for me. I have been running for years, even a marathon, and have never experienced anything like this.

About a year ago I woke up twice to a completely limp right arm. Same thing, no pins and needles, just dead weight and seems to come back to life almost immediately.

For the past 2 months a few of my fingers have been a little stiff, achey and swollen. I went to the doctor, she took blood tests (for what, I don't know, I'm living in Norway and her English wasn't too great). They came back normal. I've also woken up a few times during the night with both my pinky fingers tingling.

Also, it may be that I'm just getting "old" but I can think of 3 occasions in the past few months I fell after having a few drinks, which of course until now I just I attributed to the alcohol. In general, I seem to be much more affected by alcohol lately like loosing my train of thought and feeling very anxious the next day (very casual drinker, just a few drinks every few weekends)

I've also felt considerably more fatigued over the past 6 months and have experienced a random sore back from time to time, both upper and lower.

I am not usually one to go to doctors but my 28 year old brother died last year from an undiagnosed either neurological or autoimmune disorder. His symptoms were vague and included seizures, fatigue, sleep apnea and slurred speech. I'm sure you can understand where my concerns are coming from.

So did my knee just buckle from my run the day before? Pinched nerves? Is is it something more? Or am I being paranoid?

Your responses are much appreciated.

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