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I've been a waitress for 20 years, and I have slowly developed carpal tunnel, pinched nerves on occasion, and now I am experiencing a crawling sensation across my upper back, along with pain in between my shoulder blades. Also a stiff neck. After doing a bit of research...I have purchased Mega-benfotiamine and also methyl B-12 (the fat soluble B vitamins which are supposed to help heal the nerves)...also alpha-lipoic acid (not sure if that was the right name). I was reading about people with diabetic neuropathy, and they said these supplements really helped them. I think I have a B-12 deficiency anyway, because the doctor told me I did, a few years ago, and wanted me to come in for B-12 shots...but I work very late , after 2am, and they wanted me to come in at 8 in the morning for five days in a row. I don't go to bed until at least I didn't go back. The years of carrying a tray, and slinging booze around the casino have taken their toll. I think I may possibly have fibromyalgia, because I hurt from the neck down a lot...along with stiffness. (I always thought that was a disease women made up ..but I believe it to be true...because I am experiencing it now.) I was trying to find the member "Tony 1" I could let him know about the fat soluble vitamins for his upper back pain which sounds like some form of carpel tunnel or neuropathy.

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