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[QUOTE=bis22;4720344]Over 3 years ago, I took Levaquin and Celebrex for 4 days and then stopped (against my doctor's advice) because I started experiencing burning in my extremities. After a few weeks it went away, except in the bottom of my feet, and it still hasn't improved. My neurologist suspects I have small fiber neuropathy, although she's run every test she can think of including a skin punch biopsy (at my ankle), and everything has come back negative.

The pain is usually not unbearable, but it's almost always uncomfortable and is usually worse at night. It's made worse by anything that puts prolonged pressure on my feet like standing or tight shoes, and sometimes by drinking alcohol (which I avoid now). I've tried most of the typically recommended natural supplements, the Rebuilder (for the duration of the trial period when they offered one), Anodyne therapy, acupuncture, and nothing has helped. The only prescription medication I've tried is nortriptyline, but my neurologist had me stop after several weeks since it didn't seem to be making much difference. I'm only in my mid twenties so I'm not too excited about the prospect of being on prescription medication with nasty side effects for the rest of my life if there's any chance I can get the actual problem to resolve.

I should also mention that I was put on the drugs that caused this in the first place because of pain in my scrotum, which was brought on by repeatedly wearing clothing that was tightly squeezing that area (man, I wish I wouldn't have done that in the first place). I still have that pain too, and I'm not sure if that could be nerve damage as well. I don't know if the reason why that hasn't gotten better could also be related...

So does anyone have any advice for me or have any idea why my condition isn't improving? Much appreciated.[/QUOTE]

The Skin Biopsy is usually THE test for SFN, which was the obvious choice because of your symptoms, so your doctor seems to know about this stuff.

Assuming that you have done all the other tests, MRI, EMG, NCV, blood work, etc., to rule out some other cause(if not you should have them), and all of them were negative too, I have to tell you that up to 40% of all neuropathic cases are labeled "idiopathic", which means "unknown cause"

In your case it could have been triggered both by the Levaquin(confirmed cases of that) and/or by whatever got you in the first place that made you took the antibiotic.

But from your description on how localized and moderate your symptoms are, and after you mentioned improvement right when you stopped taking the antobiotic, my wild guess is that, it was in fact the Levaquin what caused your problems, and you're in the recovery phase.

Now let me tell you that, assuming(once again), that you didn't took any permanent damage to your nerves, which seems to be the case, it could take anywhere from weeks to months(or even years) to get a full recovery. And it's not a linear process, that's how nerves work.

Prescription medication will help you to cope with the symptoms, if you can take it(I couldn't stand SSRI's), but there is no nerve regeneration formula yet, so you have to be patient.

But that's my non-medical(I'm not a doctor) opinion.

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