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Re: Neurogel
Apr 22, 2011
Dancin - I WAS dealing with plantar fasciitis. After being in a boot for 10 weeks and non-weight bearing, the pain was getting far worse instead of better. I decided to get more opinions. I finally found a dr. who would listen to me (yeah!) and we have discovered the plantar fasciitis is healed and that my pain is nerve related. =( The believe it is either a pinched nerve in my lower back or CRPS. I have had 2 bilateral lumbar sympathetic blocks so far (first worked 5 hrs, 2nd worked 8 hrs). I have another scheduled for next week. Anyway, I was given the cream to try and help (was SO happy to have a dr. take my pain seriously!). I used it 3x/day religiously for about 3 days before I noticed I felt almost human (of course I also was taking tramadol). I have found that if I use it 3x/day, it takes enough of the edge off of the burning/pain/sensitivity (from socks, shoes, wind, cold, etc) that I don't have to take much else. It is when I have lessened the use of it that I have had more pain, or when I overdo it. (which isn't hard to do) I put it on my feet, ankles, and on the new spot on my leg just above my knee. Like I said, it takes the edge off so I can usually handle things better.

This cream is something that has to be mixed at a compounding pharmacy. It is more like a lotion than an oil.

Do you have any other symptoms other than pain? maybe skin color changes, sensitivity to air movement or light touch, burning, abnormal nail/hair growth or non growth? Just curious.
Hope this helps you.

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