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First let me tell you that I am glad you answered so quickly too because I have found some message boards to be a little frustrating so THANK YOU! The product that I mentioned is over the counter. I saw it at CVS but I did not buy it today because I just spent a ton of money in co-pays/deductibles and prescription costs since this has been going on for a while. I was hoping someone had used it before and maybe could give me an idea if it is worth it. By the way, there are coupons available for the product. You have to call the company and they give you a coupon code which you then go to their website and they email you a coupon. Their number is 1-888-234-7256.

Here is my story (thus far) I am 32 years old, female and had pain in my left foot approximately 6 weeks ago. I had surgery (unrelated, it was a tonsillectomy) scheduled and figured with my resting/recovery from surgery my foot would get better. It did not. I have never had any foot problems before. 3 weeks ago I decided enough was enough and went to a podiatrist. The Dr. took an x ray and he said it shows a stress fracture on top of my foot near the third toe. He gave me a walking boot for outside the house and a Darco shoe for inside the house and said to stay off of it. Oh and to use an ace bandage at night. So I did as he said. Well, this all seems to be helping it is not 100% better yet but there is improvement. Then on April 12th I started to have the sensations/pain/discomfort and I DO HAVE the swelling of the outside of my foot to the point that my skin has tightened in that area. These feelings have been so bad I have cried and literally yelled out.

I went back to the podiatrist with these issues and he sorta dismissed me so I figured I would try a new dr and go to an orthopedist. The orthopedist said it sounded like a pinched nerve but he did not think it would be in the area of my foot I described. He said IF I want to pursue it I can have an MRI. Of course I want and NEED to pursue it since this is causing major changes in my daily life. I have the MRI scheduled for next week. In the meantime a friend of mine suggested I see a chiropractor and so I saw her this morning (4/20/11). My first experience with a chiropractor. I did feel some noticeable relief from her treatment but not really enough to say that the problem is resolved and the pain has intensified as the night goes on. I know it will take more than one chiro treatment sometimes so I am scheduled for another appt soon. Let's just say I am not crying out loud today but still in considerable pain.

Sorry if this is so lengthy but I know it is best to explain everything. I am trying to go through the motions with the orthopedist but I feel I will need the nerve tests you described to confirm the exact problem. He told me to wear the hard shoe and no longer wear the big boot. I suspect (as does my chiropractor) that my nerve became entrapped due to the unusual way I have been walking, getting up and standing due to the height difference in what I have been wearing on my feet as well as the pain and the weight of these boots as compared to my regular shoe on other foot.

I know there are some people that try anti depressents and neurontin for relief. The problem is that I am trying to get pregnant asap and I can not be on these medications during that time. Have you tried any medications? OTC or prescription?

What else, I have scoliosis and hypothyroidism. I also take Metformin for fertility treatment NOT diabetes. I asked the orthopedist if that could be causing any of these issues including the fracture and he said no. My theory on what caused my initial injury is Sketchers Shape-ups which I recently bought and started to take walks in. There are many people suing them for stress fractures and other injuries. I am not involving myself with any of that because at this point my main concern is this nerve problem.

If there is anything else you can think of that I might want to try please share it with me. If I hear of anything else I will let you know. I intend on going to CVS tomorrow and buying the Neuragin since I got the coupon ($5 off).

I keep telling myself this will not be forever but I am not so sure now. :(

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