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Re: Please explain
May 12, 2011
Mine started 4 years ago with lower back pain, then I noticed that my legs seemed very heavy. Eventually my gait was affected as well as balance, and had weakness in left leg. A neurologist ordered a lumbar MRI and sent me to a neurosurgeon who diagnosed DDD, two bulging discs and stenosis. He sent me for three epidurals, which did nothing. The balance problem caused a fall soon after this diagnosis, in which I hit the back of my neck on a base of a granite monument. I didn't have any pain, so foolishly did not have it checked, and eventually began to develop numbness in my fingers, and weakness is my hands as well as blood blisters in feet, etc. from the neuropathy. My walking became even worse, but no one I was seeing thought to check further until I saw a podiatrist for my feet, and she told me that I really needed to find out what was causing this. My reflexes were hyper, if I was touched on my foot, the leg would jerk, and I couldn't control that. I went back to the NS who ordered a cervical MRI and EMG, and to my shock, I had caused the vertebra between C7-T1 to be pushed into my spinal cord when I had the fall. I had myelopathy and cord bruising. I went for a second opinion, and had surgery soon after, to stabilize the spine, but the damage had been done. I was able to regain some strength in my hands, but my balance is still poor, my leg is still weak, and I have burning, stinging, numbness, in my extremities, My lumbar issues are not considered to be able to be helped by surgery. Spinal cord compression like I had slowly causes losing of function, so I'm glad I was able to stop the decline. I can still walk, though slow, and still use my hands. I get regular massages to help with the many trigger points I get from my muscles not working properly, and I should do more of the exercises I learned in PT to help with my balance. It gets frustrating though, always having to work at things. I believe the lumbar stenosis is the primary cause of my balance problem. I can deal with the lingering neuropathy in my arms and hands. I would just like to be able to walk better. Hope that you are able to get more answers.

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