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Re: Please explain
May 11, 2011
I am really trying to understand some of the neuropathy symptoms. I am wondering if this is part of what is going on with me. Can it cause tremors? The balance issue it causes....could it make you feel like you are going to fall over...even when sitting in a chair? I understand it can cause numbness tingling and burning. Do you know if it can cause a feeling of fatigue in muscles like your arms? Can you have brisk reflexes with it or does it cause loss of reflexes? Sorry for going on and on. Any information you could give me would be appreciated. I have been fighting this for five years now and the symptoms have recently gotten much worse. Thank you.

I've had PN since 07...I don't have "tremors" per nerves will cause me to jerk...usually in my feet....which just happens w/o warning...can really mess w/the Cat when she is on the end of the recliner.

My balance is crap!!!!! At night when I sleep we keep nightlights on in the hallway/bathroom since being in the dark REALLY messes w/my balance...and we have a shower chair for me to sit on when I take showers...if you don't have one get one....

The tingling/burning are there all the time I'm awake..esp in my lower calves and feet!!!

my reflexes in my feet/ankles SUCK/don't really exist. My Neuro doesn't mess w/the Neuropathy in my hands much...but they only burn a little but tingle a LOT...

Take it one step at a time and just be careful....esp w/handling hot things ie cooked food/ground(esp out here in AZ) and water ie showers.

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