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I responded in your other thread. Looking at what you've listed for symptoms, I think you have a lot more going on, and not necessarily from Neuropathy. To really be sure, the first stop I would do would find a Neurologist that specializes in it, and its diagnosis vs guessing after reading the net!

Cold feeling limbs - that's usually a vascular issue not nerve.
Face falling asleep? Highly doubtful for Neuropathy.
Digestive system? Highly doubtful for Neuropathy.
Neck and above with foggy-ness? Highly doubtful for Neuropathy.
Shortness of breath? Highly doubtful for Neuropathy.
Lymph nodes swollen? Highly doubtful for Neuropathy.

Vitamin deficiencies can bring similar symptoms on for sure.
Other diseases can bring it on.
It could be Fibromyalgia based on the broad areas you are describing as well.

My first stop would be a Neurologist. Trying to guess at whether you have it or not on your own will drive you batty!

Please let us know what you find out. Take care.

[QUOTE=machine;4753753]Hi everyone,

I have studied the forums, and have found a comment (posted below) that closely resembles my symptoms/experience for the past 9 years.

[B]My story:[/B]

I don't know how it happened, but (at 17 years of age) after I was diagnosed with acute Bronchitis, (which was near after a flu shot as far as I can tell), everything turned upside down.

I had developed numbing pain in my legs and arms, they would fall asleep rapidly in a given position, and I would wake up half the time with my arms or legs or even face completely asleep.

This progressed to "pain to the touch" and extreme sensitivity to heat and cold.

Muscle twitches in my neck, arms and legs were a regular.

Muscle weakness was apparent.

Shortness of breathe.

Digestive system is definitely abnormal (ie: very slow).

I noticed lymph nodes were slightly swollen in many areas, but would rapidly disappear on and off proportional to my peripheral symptoms.

This was a very stressful period of time as I have never done drugs (except smoking cigarettes) or had any sexual intercourse/contact.

Several blood tests were performed and all were normal.

Many of these symptoms are no longer apparent. I feel that I have either gotten "used" to them or have learned to cope with the symptoms.

Or taking vitamins and changing my diet has dealt with them.

Something along the way has definitely helped.

But they are still there, and I have yet to get to the bottom of this.

I feel that the neuropathy has reached my neck and upwards, and have difficulty thinking or "foggy-ness".

I feel as though I have a lack of blood circulation.

When I don't get enough sleep, I feel "empty", and my neuropathy is at all time high.

When I get more than enough sleep, I feel tired as though my nerves are "asleep".

Depending on the position I sleep in, I wake up with a different feeling the next morning, ie: cold hands and feet, lack of breathe, thinking issues...

When I put my head down on the table in a seated position, I feel the rush of blood going to my head, as though previously the circulation is being cut off. So it actually helps me when I put my head down for a while, it relieves some of my symptoms.

Currently I feel a burning and sharp pain in my feet, it comes on and off.

The symptoms are variable and unpredictable of when they will appear.

I would like to resolve this, any recommendations on what I should do?

Thank you![/QUOTE]

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