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[QUOTE=bronze aussie;4760211]As sad as it may seem, its comforting to know that someone else suffers in silence like me. No disrespect!!! My parents don't understand they tell me to take aspirin or put my feet in warm water, they have no idea that being in excruciating pain, takes control of your life. What life.....I don't have one, I am the same look perfectly healthy on the outside, to some degree, little do they know I am in chronic pain. People have short memories, they forget or just don't care. I'll have it till the day I die, and some days I wish it would come sooner than later. Even as I speak my feet feel like they are being squeezed in a vice having a blow torch applied and cut open with a box cutter, how someone can live like that sounds unbelievable, but I do everyday. Its 8.30pm and already I am thinking about taking a very strong sleeping tablet, if I dont take I will get around 2 hours sleep, with it around 5, I had to remortgage this house again, when my wife left with 95% of the furniture, while I was at work, her lifestyle didn't include eating home brand products. So like you its right now and see what happens tomorrow, I do not plan anything anymore, I can barely get through this day let alone plan for tomorrow. I hope for your sake and mine they find a cure. No one should suffer with this cruel disease. How long have you been diagnosed with PN and do you know what or if anything contributed to you getting it. Steve[/QUOTE]

Hi Aussie,

I have a little different situation than most people here.

I was young when I got symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy. I didn't know what it was and why it just came from thin air. Several doctors including my family doctor attributed these symptoms to stress and anxiety. I am the type of stubborn person who believed I could just fight through the pain and eventually it might go away, so perhaps not crying at the doctor was my mistake. It has been 9 years that I have had these symptoms. I have not been diagnosed with PN solely because all my blood tests showed fine and my doctor never recommended I see a neurologist, and insisted I was a healthy human being. And so life went on for me, with the pain and suffering. Now I am seeing a neurologist so I hope to get some more answers.
Even though I am not diagosed officially with PN, I am confident that the diagnoses will now be official at the end of this week.

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