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Hello Machine,

I'm new on here, but like many came here due to my medical issues and such. Remember with Neuropathy the "information" between the specific nerve areas affected and what the brain gets and returns is abnormal vs Radiculopathy, the nerve(s) are responding in proper based on what is irritating them.

Neuropathy can be caused by diseases such as diabetes, alcohol, trapped nerves (over a long time) etc. The NCS/EMG is the gold standard to detect it. MRI can be useful in detecting physical entrapment locations to help zero in, but the nerve studies are the best.

I crashed a helicopter in 1985 when I was almost 22, and have been on the spiney ride since. I've had 5 nerve surgeries, 2 of which were cervical spine fusions - failed. I am awaiting revision for the C5/6/7 plus C8 anchor to T2, fusion L2/3/4 and Laminectomy for the L5/S1.

Due to the length of time and method of nerve impingement, I developed moderate (motor nerves for me) peripheral neuropathy in both legs, and severe in the right arm and hand. I've had two NCS/EMGS for extremities, and 2 others that included full spine and all were pretty much the same - lots of nerve damage, = motor peripheral neuropathy. I am still in the Idiopathic box as even though the nerve levels that I have positive disk on nerve issues, my Neurologist feels something else is going on? Full blood work shows nothing there.

For me Lyrica takes care of my nerve pain 85% of the time, but of late that has been changing and zingers are sneaking in quite frequently of late. Symptoms if it helps?

Buzzing/burning at times in my extremities at about the rate of what you get when you shiver when you are cold.
After about 25 feet, legs (thighs more so) start buzzing and burning, and become very weak and unsure.
Muscle spasms - most commonly when in a vehicle in motion - I feel the vibration aggravates the nerves, and then the muscles.
Balance issues if I stand more than a few minutes.
Standing, sitting (proper posture position) very painful in under 5 minutes.
Have to walk with a cane, else wise, I pretty much couldn't leave the house.
Swimming - if the water temps are below 85, leg and foot spasms.

As was said, various medications "mask" some of the symptoms, but the physical limitations (weakness for example) can not be masked by medications.

From what I've read of your posts, you might want to see several doctors as it seems you have a lot going on that might be masking other things. Neurologist for sure, allergist, Rheumatologist, Vascular specialist etc. While our nervous system is vast, other areas of our bodies involvement can mimic other issues.

If I read correctly (please correct me if I am wrong) your nerve studies are clear, blood work is clear and MRI studies are clear? If so, and too a lot of other symptoms you are stating, it could be other nerve issues (Fibromyalgia for instance). Please keep us posted on how it goes, and what you find out.

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