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[QUOTE=prendi1;4764519]parrot he saw our gp then a consultant but they dont seem to realise how much pain he is in.[/QUOTE]
Nobody knows how much pain anybody else has, perhaps only if the person examining has had the same condition especially recently even then the memory of how it felt fades fast. I had this several times as a child, caused by rugby injuries and it has reocurred on rare occasions since.
Here is the deal,if the sufferer 50 years and older has an ache as you describe becomes constant and often worse at night. Some have pins and needles, some not. Usually the pain comes and after two or three weeks gets as severe as it gets. If you have nerve pressure and muscle weakness the pain goes soon after three months. If there is no muscle weakness it takes longer, perhaps another month to subside. Usually C5/6 pain if felt in the arm as well as the shoulder, often down to the wrist. To test for weakness is easy, elbows by the side elbow to right angle and resist the elbow from flexing, compare both sides.
You did mention suprascapular nerve, most likely this is caused by trauma, usualy in body contact sports and difficult to diagnose if it not associated with a C5 root.
As for treatment, in the very early days a maniplulation can help. Later it can still be effective but the therapist has to know by the feel of the neck whether this is the right thing to do.
Other diagnoses are possible, a neuritis, tendon damage, pleurisy, inflamed muscles and others.
If it is the cervical spine as is most likely, you can see from above it is time limiting and has to run it's course, not much joy for the sufferer though. Hope this helps.

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