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I was stupid and waited to see any doctor about the pain in my feet....when I did I started out seeing my PCP...which sent me to a foot doctor...which sent me to a Neurologist...he did a zap test on me..blood work...and prescribed something(this was in 07)...I wasn't happy w/ saw another which did another zap test and did a LOT of blood tests...after the results came back w/no answers to why I had PN they did an ankle nerve biospy and also a spinal tap...and again no answers as to why I had PN which was no in my feet and up my legs and starting to affect my hands...

I've now seen 4 Neurologists w/no real answers...I get "we can't treat you until we know the cause of your PN"....been on both Gab and Lyricia...and at the moment TRYING to get back on I type my wife has a call into my PCP...

I too hate the "try this and see if it helps" but need to hope there is something out there that will help.

The only thing I have NOT tried for my pain is any antidepressants ie Cymbalta..but after talking w/a few here I MIGHT in the future....if I can figure out a way to get more relief and make me be able to get out and about more to enjoy life I'm all for it.

I try and take it one day at a time...and do NOT let my PN run my is up to me on how my day goes NOT PN!!!

I wish you the best of luck!!

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