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Hi Numbum - You sound like me with your SFN, except that I don't have the pain very much. I still hike and it doesn't bother me to be on my feet, even though they are pretty numb. Yep, I know about dropping things with these numb hands. I hope you have explored all the possibilities for pain control. I take Cymbalta plus 300 mg of Gabapentin twice a day, and this combo seems to keep me without significant pain.

I have taken alpha lipoic acid periodically for the last 2 years, not for pain but because my neuro says it helps some people regenerate nerves. It hasn't done that for me, as my SFN continues to progress. The only difference I notice when I am taking the ALA is that I don't get these weird bruise spots on my arms from every little bump.

I also have been doing IVIg once a month for almost a year. I started this because my bloodwork showed I was low in some of the immunoglobulin subclasses and I thought it might help my SFN. Even though my immunoglobulin levels are now normal, it hasn't helped the progression of numbness. One result that seems to be due to the IVIg is my diarrhea had cleared up. This had been a daily problem for me. I suspect it is from the SFN, so was hopeful when it cleared up that other SFN symptoms would improve, but no luck. Best to you, Ruby

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