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Hi Jillian, firstly you are not alone with this very cruel disease, yes disease I know it sounds horrible however in time you will realise its just a work, as for your condition I pray it does not deteriorate over time. I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Neuropathy several years back. I was on lyrica, the side effects are as follows fatigue, memory loss, poor concentration, zero libido, go in to a static stare for no reason, fowl tasting breath etc etc. My ex wife took off because she didn't want a cripple to look after along with most of the house, it was a very trying time. I use to get up at 5 and drive 120km each way to work everyday with as little as 2 hours sleep. The pain was unbearable, picture someone cutting your toes off with a blunt hacksaw stabbing them at the same time while pouring pure alcohol on it, that is my symptom everyday of every hour I am awake. If you can avoid lyrica like many others take do it, that drug nearly killed me. I feel asleep at the wheel and hit a tree, yes I was tired but lyrica contributed immensely. Now i take slow release tramadol 200mg along with 50mg of endep or amitriptyline, and ibuprofen. I get up each day have breakfast and go to work, always a smile to my work colleagues saying what a day it is, little do they know I have had very little sleep and in chronic pain. I was 44 when diagnosed, not a diabetic no heavy metals no chemo, no aids. I did enjoy a beer which no longer happens, I did some research and found the base of cholesterol lowering medication can cause PN. I have a 40,000 dollars spinal cord stimulator in my back to try and ease the pain, so far it hasn't worked so they are going to turn the leads upside down to the base of my spine. I do not know what I have done to deserve this, nerve pain is the hardest to treat. I was a person full of life, couldn't sit still for a moment, loved travel, wining and dining movies dances etc. Now my life is at a stand still, I do not think about tomorrow because I can barely get through this day. My question to you and to others that reads this is do you work still are you able to get through the day or do you stay at home. I have no choice but to work, it is hard very hard and because a lot do not understand how I feel or the pain I'm in it is soon forgotten. I hope I havent bored you too much, but sharing a problem can cut it in half. Feel free to ask what every you like, as mentioned your not alone.

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