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Hello to everyone! I am new to this forum & am desperately seeking help. I was just diagnosed with neuropathy but doctors have no cause. I am 44-not overweight and I am not diabetic. All blood work I have had done is perfect - vitamin D is a bit low but I am on supplements & sitting in the sun to bring it up. Heavy metal toxins test was clear too. I am in so much pain - having trouble standing, walking ( I fall over) and cannot keep my balance. Some days my right hand does not work well making it impossible to type at work. I have been struggling with fatigue for 2 years but now I am exhausted walking 20 minutes. The nerve issue must have started about 1 year ago but I didn't realize that is why I kept dropping my cell phone - I thought I was just a real klutz! It all just seems like a bad nightmare. I am currently taking neurontin but cannot get up to the next dose level without bad side effects. I take Ultram for the pain but it doesn't do much anymore. I have a hard time with meds because I seem to get side effects pretty easy. I truly do not know what to do! The doctor said he just needs to wait and see what new symptoms may appear to know what direction to go in. So- wait and see- hmm - I am not willing to wait around until I collapse on the floor! Is this a normal view for doctors- wait and see? Any suggestions are appreciated and if anyone has a success story on how to beat this I would love to hear it!

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