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I had another not so good evening...again pain was a lot worse then usual pain...twitching started around 8:30p...and extra numb in my legs...K could tell I wasn't doing well and really helped me a lot by not expecting me to help much w/dinner ect.

Was dozing off and on starting at 9p and finally went to bed around 10p...fell asleep pretty fast but woke up a few times during the night...and sadly around 5:15a I was awake..napped a little but up for good around 6:10a....took my first dose of 600mg of Neurontin and am now at work....hoping this is a better day and the Lyrica starts to kick in a bit more during my day.

I'm still trying to stay positive about all this...thankfully K is understanding to what I'm going through...and funny my coworkers are now figuring out something is up...I usually go see a gal in the other suite when I get in,..she just came over and said "hey you usually come and see me in the morning"...had to explain what was up...walking is still much more painful and my damn ankle/heel on my left foot is still REALLY bothering me...K asked If I should see my doctor...I said I don't think so...I really hate going to the doctors.

Hope the day is great for everyone.

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