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Hello all, I am reaching out to this forum in hopes of getting some advice since I am completely at a loss on what to do next. First off, I am a 29 year old who started with tingling about a year ago. I started it with just on my arms/hands, and slowly but surely within a rapid few months it was all over my body. Now it is mainly in the face/upper body, and legs. I have felt all kinds of sensory issues, from random buzzing, pricking, tingling, crawling, etc. to simply just the feeling of cold water droplets hitting my legs or sitting down and thinking I sat in something wet but my seat was dry. It's now gotten to the point of waking up 4-5 a night, frequent urination, muscle stiffness and joint pain. I've noticed when I look down, am in the heat, or have my arms extended in front of me I feel the tingles more. If I press my skin and let go it makes them worse, and if I fan myself or have cool air blowing on me, I can mask the sensations.

I've been to two neurologists who have both said that 'neurogically' I am fine, but I haven't had any MRIs done. I suppose they are going by how talkative I am, my reflexes, and how my motor function is okay. The things the neuros have tested so far have been: vitamin deficiences (they found that my vitamin D was low so I started a supplement which I've been on for several months and I still tingle), they've done an EMG and Nerve Conduction Study which came back normal. At that time, the neuro told me that since my NCS came back normal that I didn't have carpal tunnel or a pinched nerve, or any atrophy. I was tested for Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, TSH levels for thyroid, PCOS, and they all came back normal or negative. I also had a Cervical Neck X-ray. I have flat out asked if I could have an MRI of something, whether it's cervical or brain just to be on the safe side, and I have been told no because they don't see the need from my neurological exam.

I suffer from early diabetes (no medication), hypertension (which I take medication for), obesity (currently in the process of losing weight), arthritis, and GERD. I do suffer from irregular menstrual cycles (last one having gone 6 months without.) I have heard that it could be stress and anxiety, early onset of diabetic neuropathy (too early to pick up on an EMG), small fiber neuropathy, or even fibromyalgia. I've tried Gabapentin for 3 months with no improvement, and now I am currently on a small dosage of Elavil.

My questions are, if the neurologist I am currently seeing refuses to send me for an MRI, should I just take their word for it and trust that it's probably not a neurological issue? Should I push for a cervical neck MRI even though my X-ray came back normal? Has anyone else had any of these problems and can offer some type of advice? Please please respond. I feel like I am at a loss and don't know what to do. I know I am young but I feel like my quality of life is just declining from having to deal with constant tingles. It's such a bother and if I'm stressed about anything at all it's trying to find out what's been causing these things for the past year.

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